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Student Achievement/Testing & Accountability

At the direction of the Wyoming Legislature, the Wyoming Department of Education has developed an assessment plan to guide district and school accountability. PAWS is the primary assessment used in grades three through eight. The assessment is administered in March and carries into early April. PAWS results are used to measure district and school-level accountability as called for by the state accountability plan and U.S. Department of Education’s No Child Left Behind law. Along with PAWS, the State of Wyoming requires a measure of student writing, which is done through the use of SAWS (Student Assessment of Writing Skills). This writing assessment is done at a different time than the PAWS assessment. High schools are required to administer the ACT to all students in 11th grade. ACT is a measure of college and career readiness, and it is used as part of the criteria for the Hathaway Scholarship. The ACT assessment, provided by the state of Wyoming, assesses students in English, mathematics, reading, science and writing. Results are used as an accountability measure for high schools and to determine if a student is college and career ready. College-bound students who score below a targeted score may be required to take a remediation course at their college. In preparation for the ACT, both ninth- and 10th-grade students take the ASPIRE assessment. All of the assessments have scores that can be reported at the student, school and district level.

LCSD1 continues to use the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment to provide feedback on student learning that can be used to guide instruction. MAP is being used in grades K–8 and assesses reading, language usage and math. MAP is used throughout the state. In addition MAP:

  • Provides growth measures of student learning
  • Has a mid-year measure that provides an opportunity to assess student learning and make instructional adjustments as needed
  • Provides a growth measure over the course of several years
  • Provides results that can be compared to other students in the grade level, across the district, state and nation
  • Provides results within 24 hours after completing the assessment
  • Provides a variety of reports for teachers, students and parents
  • Is an online assessment that also provides a predictor for success on state assessment

MAP may be administered three times during the school year—September, January and April. In the fall, teachers will have the MAP data from the previous year available to them for instructional planning. Assessment data will be used to direct instruction and provide a measure to determine success of district programs and interventions.

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