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Annual Report

about 1 year ago

A Message from the Superintendent

It is my honor to serve our students, parents, community and our elected Board of Trustees as Laramie County School District 1 Superintendent of Schools. We are truly blessed to have students, families and a supportive community that strive each day to make the most of their educational opportunities. We have a very impressive student body that take their learning seriously. We have parents that support student learning by working with their children and many who are able to contribute to their schools and the district in voluntary capacities.

I am very proud of the commitment of our 3,145 employees at all levels as they work to ensure our students receive a quality education that will open future doors for them. This daily commitment is exemplified by the transportation personnel that make sure our students are safe on their journey to school, nutrition services employees that serve nutritious food, and the support staff that clean and maintain functional facilities. Our teachers, professional support staff, paraeducators, and substitute teachers do more than teach, and our principals and supervisors focus on continuous improvement. There are others who know that working for our school district is more than a job. Our Board of Trustees makes decisions, which help us grow in so many ways, and our legislators ensure we have operational funds and facilities so that we can indeed provide quality educational opportunities for our students.

Our school district is the largest district in Wyoming and is closer to the national demographic profile than the state demographic profile. Our diverse student population includes 624 English Language Learning students from 23 different countries. We have the privilege of serving 13,891 students, which includes 14.7 percent of Wyoming’s student population.

We currently have 35 schools with one under construction. The opening of Prairie Wind Elementary and the classroom space added to the newly constructed Davis Elementary allow us to accommodate an additional 500 students. Our newest school, Meadowlark Elementary, will open this fall. Our replacement and new schools are the state of the art in providing a physical learning environment that enhances student learning.

The mission of Laramie County School District 1, in cooperation with students, parents, staff and the community, is to guarantee a high-quality education in a safe and orderly environment for all students, inspiring them to become lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens.  Our vision is to become the premier district “of learners for learners” in the Rocky Mountain Region where every student is successfully learning. With your continued assistance, we can accomplish these lofty goals in cooperation and partnership with our students, parents, staff and community.

Our School Board, staff and community have developed a Strategic Plan outlining our focus though 2016. We will continue our emphasis on ensuring students achieve academic success as measured on PAWS, ACT and MAP assessments. Included in this is preparing students to be responsible citizens as well as getting them ready for college and careers. Our cohort graduation rate from 2011–2012 was at 69.74 percent. Our rate has increased over the last three years to 75.93 percent. While we are at the highest rate we have been in our history, we certainly have more to do and are working with our staff, students and families to increase that rate. Having a high school diploma is an absolute necessity in today’s world. A high school diploma is the gateway to prepare our students for college, careers and future financial security.

In addition, we continue to strive to build more facilities to accommodate our growing student population. We are excited for the opening of Meadowlark Elementary in the fall. At the same time, we are preparing for the financial challenges this will bring. When the school is fully open, annual operating cost will be between $3 million to $4 million, which will need to come from our current operating budget.

We have 900 students that attend class in one of our 44 modular classrooms daily. To put it into perspective, most of the districts in Wyoming have a total enrollment under 900 students. We are also growing between 100 to 300 students a year. In the East Triad alone, there are more than 700 homes under development. Our greatest facility need today is the replacement of Carey Junior High School. It is key to all of our other construction projects so that we have adequate swing space as we replace and add needed schools.

We appreciate your continued support of our state’s greatest asset, our students

John Lyttle, Superintendent of Schools