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Preventing Bullying in LCSD1 Schools

Bullying creates a hostile educational environment through domination and aggression that harms the victim psychologically, emotionally and/or socially. Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself. This includes, but is not limited to the following: physical or emotional harm, property damage, insulting or demeaning behavior, intimidation, cyber-bullying and social isolation.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade

LCSD1’s Board of Trustees approved the use of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) districtwide for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. With more than 35 years of research and successful implementation around the world, OBPP is a whole-school program proven to prevent or reduce bullying throughout a school setting.

9th through 12th Grade

LCSD1’s Board of Trustees approved the use of the Safe School Ambassadors Program (SSA) district wide for students in ninth through 12th grade. Student volunteers serve as Ambassadors who work to influence their peers in positive ways to reduce bullying. Key adults meet regularly with Ambassadors to supervise and support their work.

If you are a LCSD1 student who is experiencing bullying or if you are a parent or guardian and wish to report bullying, please contact your school principal.

In addition, parents who are not comfortable speaking with their child’s school personnel may contact Chris Zimny, violence prevention coordinator/program evaluator with LCSD1 Safe and Drug Free Schools at 307-771-2204.

Parents may also contact UPLIFT Advocacy Services at 307-778-8686. UPLIFT is a third-party organization not compensated by LCSD1. UPLIFT advocacy services have been offered in Cheyenne for more than 20 years.

Anti-Bullying Resources

LCSD1 is committed to a bullying-free environment in all of our schools. Please click here for a brochure on bullying prevention and reporting throughout the district.

Please click here for information for parents in English.

Please click here for information for parents in Spanish.

Safe and Drug Free Schools & Communities

22 hours ago

Safe, Drug Free Schools & Communities

The LCSD1 Safe & Drug Free Schools Department offers research-based programs and services to change student’s attitudes towards drugs and violence, bullying prevention, suicide prevention as well as improve healthy development and enhance a healthy, safe school climate. For more information about any of our Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities programs listed below, please call 307-771-2255 or contact your school principal.

Prevention Programs

Elementary Level

  • Prevention Kits - Materials to educate students about the hazards of alcohol, tobacco, drug use and violence, stranger awareness, health promotions, and cyber safety and awareness. Materials also teach life skills necessary for healthy development and positive relationships.
  • Be Cool - Violence prevention program teaches how to recognize feelings and make healthy, emotionally intelligent choices in responding to them.

Secondary Level

  • Project Alert - Video-based drug prevention program that focuses on substances adolescents use first and most widely: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and inhalants.
  • Aggressors, Victims and Bystanders Prevention - Aims to prevent or reduce violence by altering thought patterns and actions that lead students to become involved in violence.
  • Project Toward No Drug Abuse - Helps high school youth (14-19 years old) resist substance use. Project TND teaches participants increased coping and self-control skills.
  • Anger Management Strategies - Teaches adolescents to understand and replace aggression and antisocial behavior with positive alternatives.
  • This Way Out: Freedom from Tobacco - Students participate in a program to reduce their tobacco use.  Students examine the hazards, undesirable effects, cost of tobacco use and ways to abstain from tobacco use.
  • Young Men’s Work/Young Women's Lives - Peer-based support group that helps male/female students form allies, understand the social context in which violence occurs and learn ways to reduce personal aggression.
  • Careful Caring - Support group to help students cope with family members who are abusing or addicted to drugs/alcohol.
  • Alternate Groups - Student assistance counselors provide groups aimed at preventing or providing support for dealing with problems such as a conflict resolution, stress management, grief and loss, and bullying.

Elementary & Secondary Schools

  • Building Developmental Assets - Workshops are provided to school staff, students and the community on how to build assets, factors that protect against failure among students.
  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program - A systemic, mandatory, research-based, K-8 Bullying Prevention Program.
  • Safe School Ambassadors - A systemic, mandatory, research-based, 9-12 Bullying Prevention Program. 
  • Second Step Violence Prevention/Steps to Respect - Teaches social and emotion skills to K-9 students.
  • Click Program - a grant funded by the Wyoming Department of Transportation focused on traffic safety.
  • Lifelines - a suicide prevention program.

Prevention Campaigns

  • Red Ribbon Week - Nationwide alcohol, drug, tobacco, and violence prevention campaign.
  • Kick Butt Day - A campaign to increase awareness of the hazards of tobacco use and to promote quitting smoking among teens.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week - Violence prevention.
  • Yellow Ribbon Week - Suicide prevention.
  • Prom Promise - Consequences of drug and alcohol use/abuse.
  • The Great American Smoke Out
  • National Inhalants Week
  • World Tobacco Day
  • Anti-Bullying March/Campaign


LCSD1 is pleased to provide the following resources for a ensuring safe and drug free environment for all our learners:

LCSD1 Safe & Drug Free Schools

Bullying Prevention and Reporting

Suicide Prevention

LCSD1 is also pleased to offer the following resources to parents, students, teachers and community members. These resources include program kits, activity books, DVDs, books, and more. For more information please call 307-771-2255 or contact your school principal.

Safe & Drug Free School Inventory

ID Badges

3 days ago

Getting a LCSD1 Photo ID/Access Credential

For security reasons, all LCSD1 employees and contractors doing business for LCSD1 in district buildings are required to wear proper identification badges/credentials at all times. This is important for the safety of all LCSD1 students and staff. In order to be issued a photo ID/access credential, employees and contractors must be approved by either their supervisor or requesting department using this form:

Photo ID/Access Credential Request Form (PDF)

For your convenience, procedures for requesting a photo ID/access badge and for making an appointment for a photograph are included on the request form.

If you have questions about requesting or obtaining a photo ID/access credential, please call LCSD1 Community Relations at 307-771-2192 or 307-771-2238.

Lost, Stolen or Broken Badges

Lost, stolen or broken badges must be reported immediately to 307-771-2373 extension 10606.