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ID Badges

Getting a LCSD1 Photo ID/Access Credential

For security reasons, all LCSD1 employees and contractors doing business for LCSD1 in district buildings are required to wear proper identification badges/credentials at all times. This is important for the safety of all LCSD1 students and staff. In order to be issued a photo ID/access credential, employees and contractors must be approved by either their supervisor or requesting department using this form:

Photo ID/Access Credential Request Form (PDF)

For your convenience, procedures for requesting a photo ID/access badge and for making an appointment for a photograph are included on the request form.

If you have questions about requesting or obtaining a photo ID/access credential, please call LCSD1 Community Relations at 307-771-2192 or 307-771-2238.

Lost, Stolen or Broken Badges

Lost, stolen or broken badges must be reported immediately to 307-771-2373 extension 10606.

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