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Notice from Governor Mark Gordon

4 days ago

Notice: Governor Mark Gordon announced on Friday, March 27, 2020 that school closures will remain in effect through April 17, 2020.  LCSD#1 will begin remote learning on Monday, April 6, 2020.  Remote Learning will continue until further notice.  Click here for Governor Gordon’s Public Health Order

Updated 3/31/2020

LCSD1 FAQs - General Information

3 days ago


Q. Will the schools be open at all during the statewide school closure periods?

A. Beginning April 6, 2020, office staff and the building principal will be available at the school from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  There will be limited access to the school. Please call your school if you have questions.

Q.  I received information that LCSD#1 will be doing “remote learning”.  What is this?

A.  Remote learning is a way in which a district can provide ongoing educational learning for students.  Remote learning includes communication and educational services provided through a variety of means.  This may include phone calls, student work packets, online work, video learning and more.


Q.  I do not have access to the Internet.  How can I get access, or how do I get materials for my child?

A.  Every teacher will ensure that physical documents will be available for students who do not have ready access to the Internet.  Communicate with your child’s teacher to determine when and how to pick these items up. 


Q.  I do not have access to the Internet.  Is there a way for me to get access?

A.  There are many communication companies that are willing to provide free Internet access.  Please contact a provider to see what they are willing to offer.


Q. When does the district expect to reopen?  How will I know when the district will reopen?

A. LCSD#1 will begin remote learning on Monday, April 6, 2020.  LCSD#1 will continue to work with local and state officials to determine when schools may reopen.


Q. Will the school year be extended due to the closure?

A. The district is working with the state department of education to determine what, if any, adjustments need to be made to the school calendar. 

Q. What academic resources are available for my child while school is closed?

A. You can go to the district’s website at to access “LCSD#1 Learning Resources” for your child.  Your child’s teacher may have other recommendations and will be in touch with parents as needed.  There is a button on the main page titled “LCSD#1 School Closure Learning Resources.”


Q. My child is on Free or Reduced lunch.  Is the district providing meals while school is closed?

A. Yes.  LCSD#1 will be providing meals for those on free and reduced lunch.  More information about how to access these meals can be found on the district’s website, .  You can access this information by clicking on the button titled “LCSD1 Youth Feeding Program Details”.


Q. If my child is not feeling well when school reopens, should I send them to school?

A. No.  If your child is not feeling well when school reopens, please keep them home.  Notify the school of the absence.  Absences will be recorded just as they have been in the past and will be excused.

LCSD1 FAQs - Academic

4 days ago


Q. What is a “Learning Packet?”

A. A learning packet is the physical packet of schoolwork that teachers will create for those families not accessing online learning.


Q. If the decision is made to keep schools closed, how do I get my child’s schoolwork?

A.  Parents may have their child complete schoolwork either electronically or with a Learning Packet.  If a student needs to change the way they initially asked for their work, please be sure to contact your child’s teacher to ensure they know of the request for change.


Q. If I chose the Learning Packet, how do I get it?

A. All families who live within the Weather Boundary Area, and who selected to have their child work on the Learning Packet, may pick up the Learning Packet at their homeschool.  Learning Packets may be picked up from your school each Tuesday between 7:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.  For more information, please contact your child’s school.


A. Students who live outside of the weather boundary areas, and who have selected the option to receive Learning Packets may pick up their child’s Learning Packet at their bus stop location.  The day and times for pick up and drop off will be communicated to families (outside of the weather boundary area) from the Department of Transportation prior to April 7, 2020.


You may view the Inclement Weather Boundaries description and map by clicking on this link


Q.  Will my child’s work be graded?

A. Your child’s work will receive feedback from their teacher in a variety of ways. This could include notes and/or scores from the teacher.


Q.  If I have any questions or concerns, who do I talk to?

A.  Please contact your child’s teacher.


Q.  Am I able to communicate with my child’s teacher(s) while school is closed?

A. Yes.  You may contact your child’s teacher through the established communication processes LCSD#1 has supported all year (email, Canvas, Remind App., etc.).


Q. Will my child be expected to learn new content while school is closed?

A. Yes.  Remote learning will begin on April 6, 2020 and will be focused on the most important standards.


Q.  What do we do if my child has makeup work that needs to be completed for grading?

A. You may contact your child’s teacher(s) to determine what assignments may be made up.  This may require some creative means for completing the work. 


Q. I have an elementary child.  Will my child receive a report card and grades for the third quarter?

A. No. 

LCSD1 FAQs - Testing

4 days ago


Q.  Will my child, who is a Junior, still take the ACT on April 21st?  What happens if school is closed on the 21st?

A.  April statewide ACT testing dates have been cancelled. ACT is researching possible, alternative opportunities for Juniors to take the assessment.  The district will communicate any changes as soon as we know. Continue to have your child prepare for the exam. 


Q. When is the WYTOPP assessment?  Will my child still take the WYTOPP, even though they have missed several weeks of school?

A. No.  The WYTOPP for the 2019-2020 school year has been cancelled.


Q. My child is scheduled to take the AP spring assessment.  Will this still happen?

A. The AP Exams will be administered online and from home.  Please go to the following website for more information:  AP Exam Update March 23, 2020


Q. My child is scheduled to take the IB spring assessment.  Will this still happen?

A.  The International Baccalaureate has updated information for students and families. International Baccalaureate has cancelled all exams for the May 2020 exam session.  Student work that would be considered components of the Internal Assessment will be used in part to determine student IB scores.  IB initially had pushed due dates back to late May but then reversed this decision and have requested all student work by April 20.


The IB coordinator will continue communicating with students and families.

LCSD1 FAQs - Graduation

4 days ago


Q. I have a senior in high school.  How does the school closure affect my child’s graduation?

A. We anticipate that all seniors who are on track for graduation will graduate on time.  We would ask that if you have a child who needs to raise a grade in any course, that you contact their teacher to discuss ways in which your child can complete any missing work, or to re-do assignments.


Q. Are graduation ceremonies still going to happen?

A. Currently, the district is still planning graduation ceremonies to occur on the pre-scheduled dates for each high school.  Due to the fluidity of this situation, we will continue to update families on any contingency plans.

LCSD1 - Athletics, Clubs and Activities

4 days ago


Q. My child plays organized sports or is in a district sponsored club/activity.  When will they resume?

A.  When the district decides to reopen, schools will communicate the status of spring sports/activities in conjunction with the Wyoming High School Activities Association. 

Additional Information

6 days ago

Additional Information from the Wyoming Department of Education can be found on the following site:


Governors order regarding public gatherings.  Click here for details