Career Exploration Tools
Step one . . .

. . . is to take a few minutes to review this YouTube video. In this video you will learn what is important to consider when thinking about a career.

Now . . .

Now that you've watched the video and processed some of the concepts presented, it's time to dig into the evaluation tools that can provide answers. Take your time as you work through all four of these assessments. Don't fret, assessment doesn't always mean a test! These assessments are designed to help you evaluate (or understand) yourself. There are no grades and certainly no right or wrong answers. There is however, a right and wrong way to take these. If you are in a hurry, you should probably come back to this later. You will need to be able to focus and read carefully, have time to think, and have an environment that allows you to reflect. If these conditions are met, go ahead and get started! Make sure you save or bookmark your results for reference.

Interests and Skills Inventory - What do you like and what are you good at? Please take the 60 question version underTake the Assesment.”

Personality Trait Assessment- How do you process the world?

Value Card Sort- What do you value? What has highest priority for you?

Learning Style Evaluation- How do you learn?

Take some time to think about the career matches you received. Think about the following questions and do your research.

Do they match what I value?

What skills can I get during high school? Check out our LCSD#1-LCCC career academies here.

How can I or do I want to receive that training? College? Workforce? Apprenticeship? Military?

Where can I receive that training?

Can I afford the training? If not, can I receive the training through Scholarship, apprenticeship, or the military as these options pay you to learn or while you learn.

Next steps...

If you are still enrolling in high school classes, check out our Course Catalogue for information on Career Academies, Career and Technical Education Pathways, and other electives available. Also consider taking the ASVAB. The ASVAB is a test that will help you understand your skills and possible career matches. Sign-up is in your counselors office.

If you are a senior, take some time to utilize the College, Military, and Workforce resources available here. Your counselor can also help you navigate the many different ways you can build your technical skills and opportunities!