Creating a lasting partnership with staff, students, parents and the community
Margaret Crespo

Margaret Crespo's 100 Day Plan

Introducing the 100 Day Plan

8 days ago

Superintendent Dr. Crespo introduces the 100 Day Plan to the Board of Trustees and the community at the Board of Trustees meeting on July 12, 2021.

100 Days of Listening, Learning, Building and Planning

Report to the LCSD1 Board of Trustees

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Margaret Crespo

YouTube video of the meeting linked here - if you wish to watch/listen to the presentation by Superintendent Dr. Crespo go to 30:00-time index.

Listen, Learn, Build and Plan

  • Build relationships 

  • Connect with schools, students, staff, parents and community

  • Develop connections and align focus by asking questions

Today's Learners . . . Tomorrow's Leaders


  • Create internal and external awareness about first 100 days 
  • Encourage stakeholders to engage – departments, schools, and community 
  • Provide board and stakeholders with 30, 60 and 90 day updates 
  • Create a lasting partnership with staff, students, parents and the community

Today's Learners . . . Tomorrow's Leaders

100 Day Plan Timeline

diagram of the 100 day plan, soft launch 6/24, Public launch 7/12, 30 day report 8/16, Findings report to the board and community, lauch strategic plan 11/15

Today's Learners . . . Tomorrow's Leaders


Board and Community 

•Monthly Board updates 
•Followed by morning press release

Modes of Media

•Website,  Crespo 100 Day Plan
•Interactive map
•Tiny URL
•QR code
•In person feedback 
•Social Media
•Community Letter

Today's Learners . . . Tomorrow's Leaders