Tips and instructions for the interactive dashboard

Data within the graph blocks will change when you click on the category labels and/or move the circles on the slider to a new date range selection. The slider is located at the bottom of the Count of COVID Cases by Date block.

You can click and hover your mouse over different block content to see detailed data.

To find the current active cases move the slider to select the last 10 calendar days.


  • Case Demographic: total number of all positive and exposed cases, broken down by student and staff.
  • Cases: cases move from active to inactive after 10 days of positive confirmation.
  • Case Status: total of all quarantined and positive cases.
  • School Level: cases exposures and positive cases broken down by grade level.
  • Case Counts by Date: Numbers may appear in an undefined column as information is being updated by staff. The numbers will move to the confirmed/quarantined cases when completed.
Check out our interactive COVID-19 dashboard below

The COVID-19 Case Dashboard is designed to give our community a transparent look at the prevalence of COVID-19 in LCSD1.

This dashboard displays information from August 18, 2021 to present. Dashboard data is updated every few hours throughout the work day.

Click here to open the dashboard full size in a new window.