Substantial/High Risk Transmission (Orange/Red) Procedures

2 months ago

Substantial/High Risk Transmission (Orange/Red) Procedures

In the building

1.  Students, parents and staff are required to wear two-ply face coverings indoors when 6 feet social distancing cannot be maintained.

2.  Students and staff should stay home if not feeling well.

3.  Buildings will be cleaned daily. Classrooms and other high traffic areas will be deep cleaned on a 10-day rotation.

4.  Staff will sanitize student stations between occupancy changes.

5.  Custodians will disinfect high touch areas throughout the day.

6.  In the event of a suspected exposure or a confirmed positive case, custodial staff will deep clean and ionize impacted area(s) of a facility prior to reoccupying.

7.  In classrooms where social distancing is not possible, students will be provided frequent mask breaks.

8.   Students should bring their own water bottle.

9.   With the exception of Foster Grandparents, who are required to wear face coverings, classroom volunteers will not be allowed.

On the bus

1.  The driver or transportation assistant will spray each student’s hands with sanitizer during loading.

2.  Students and staff must wear face coverings while on the bus.

3.  Eating on the bus is not permitted.

4.  Each bus will be sanitized after each run and thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.

In the cafeteria

1.  Students will wear a face covering while picking up their meal and transitioning to their seat.

2.  Students will observe 4 feet social distancing when seated and will not be required to wear a face covering until they are finished eating.

3.  Elementary students will sit with their cohort.

4.  Junior high students will sit with their core.

5.  Tables will be sanitized between each student use.

Activities & athletics

1.  Face coverings will not be required during outdoor activities unless it involves sustained close contact with others.

2.  Hand sanitizer will be provided.

3.  Students/staff should stay home if ill.

4.  Only district equipment will be used. Equipment and weight rooms will be sanitized between participant sessions.

5.  Students and staff will wear face coverings when 6 feet social distance cannot occur indoors, unless the student is involved in strenuous activity or during recovery phase.


1.  Universal masks will be required indoors when social distancing of 6 feet cannot be observed and in crowded outdoor settings.