Workman's Compensation Coverage

Identified employees of LCSD1 are covered by the State of Wyoming’s Workers’ Safety and Compensation program for injuries that occur while performing assigned duties. The identified employees are:

  • Janitors, groundskeepers & maintenance workers
  • Cafeteria workers
  • Nurses
  • Bus drivers
  • Workshop employees, bus mechanics, shop teachers, home economics teachers
  • Diagnostic & analytical laboratory employees
  • Power equipment operators
  • Educational assistants who provide services to special education students
  • Federal programs which require coverage for their participants
  • Hazardous substance workers

The accident/injury must be reported immediately to your supervisor, but no later than 72 hours and a written claim must be filed within eight (8) calendar days of the incident. Claim forms must be submitted to the Risk Management Office located at 2810 House Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming. For information call 307-771-2769. You will need to notify Workers’ Safety and Compensation and the Risk Management Office if you will miss more than three days of work.

Employee Units & Associations

The LCSD1 Board of Trustees recognizes representatives of employee units for purposes of negotiations regarding salary, fringe benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.

  • Teachers/ Specialists (1,279)
  • Paraeducators (321)
  • Nutrition Services (66)
  • Custodial Services (131)
  • The Transportation Unit members are bus drivers, dispatchers, and transportation assistants (130).
  • The Technical & Support Services unit members are executive secretaries, classified employees, clerical employees, facility technicians, mechanics/upholsterers, warehouse employees, mailroom and grounds employees (279).
  • The Administration unit members include the superintendent, assistant superintendents, directors, principals, associate and assistant principals, curriculum coordinators, program administrators, psychologists/psychometrists/psychological technicians, department of technology administrators, kitchen managers, supervisors (117)
Cheyenne Teachers Education Association - CTEA

The Board recognizes the Cheyenne Teachers Education Association, also referred to as the Teacher Unit, as the representative for a unit of employees consisting of:

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Art, Music, and Physical Education Specialists
  • Title I Teachers/ Specialists
  • Special Education Personnel
  • Counselors
  • Media Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA)
  • Homebound Teachers
  • Athletic Directors
  • Education Specialists
  • Instructional Facilitators
  • Technology Integration Specialists
  • Coordinators
Wyoming Education Association Local #1

The Board recognizes the Wyoming Education Association as the representative for a unit of employees consisting of:

  • Local #1 Transportation Unit
    • Bus drivers
    • Dispatchers
    • Transportation assistants
  • Specialists in Education Association - Paraeducator Unit
    • Paraeducators
Wyoming Public Employee Association

The Board recognizes the Wyoming Public Employees Association as the representative for a unit of employees consisting of:

  • Nutrition Services Unit
  • Custodial Services Unit
  • Technical and Support Services Unit
Meet & Confer Units

The Board recognizes representatives from the Administration units on a meet and confer basis for the purpose of negotiations regarding salary, fringe benefits, and other items and conditions of employment

  • Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
  • Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
  • Assistant Superintendent of Support Operations
  • Director of Instruction
  • Director of Special Services
  • Director of Technology
  • Assistant Directors
  • Principals
  • Associate and Assistant Principals
  • Coordinators
  • Director of Finance
  • Business Services Administrator
  • Department of Technology Administrators
  • Planning Administrator
  • Human Resources Program Administrator
  • Facilities/Risk Management Administrator
  • School-Community Relations Administrator
  • Transportation Administrator
  • Nutrition Services Administrator
  • Psychologists/Psychometrists/ Psychological Technicians
  • Nutrition Services Kitchen Managers
  • Supervisors