Develop and nurture collaborative relationships with shared goals and responsibilities to promote LCSD1 and our greater community.

Outcome 5-CE

Establish innovative, student-centered community partnerships that extend beyond education to promote all areas of student readiness. (1–3 years)


| 5-CE-1:  Create innovative opportunities for stakeholder engagement |

| 5-CE-2:  Build new structures and opportunities that allow business, industry and community partners to collaborate with LCSD1 with a goal of attracting and developing new and existing partnerships |

Outcome 6-CE

Engage all stakeholders in the developmental progression of students through clearly defined milestones and appropriate support. (1–3 years)


6-CE-1:  Under the MTSS model, establish clear and consistent parent and community communication strategies regarding student progress (refer to 2-SR & 8-HE)

Outcome 7-CE

Create a team-based environment with all stakeholders to build a vibrant educational culture. (1–3 years)


| 7-CE-1:  Enhance internal communication framework to foster trust and transparency among all employees |

| 7-CE-2:  Create a transparent and open communication framework for all external community stakeholders |