Healthy Environment Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all students, staff and stakeholders.

Outcome 8-HE

Provide multi-tiered systems of support that foster the intellectual, physical, mental and social-emotional growth of each student. (1–3 years)


| 8-HE-1:  Strengthen student wellness with a focus on school-based physical and mental health services |

| 8-HE-2:  Implement Multi-Tiered System of Support to Include Evidence-Based Strategies at Building Level (refer to 2-SR) |

Outcome 9-HE

Provide an environment that fosters the intellectual, physical, mental and social-emotional growth of all staff. (2–4 years)


| 9-HE-1:  Promote professional growth by implementing a competency-based professional learning and evaluation system inclusive of all employees |

| 9-HE-2:  Develop integrated approaches to promote the well-being of each district employee |

| 9-HE-3:  Recruit, retain and advance high-quality employees |

Outcome 10-HE

Provide exceptional facilities and systemwide operations for all stakeholders. (3–5 years)


| 10-HE-1:  Establish a welcoming culture focused on customer service for all stakeholders |

| 10-HE-2:  Use facilities to increase educational opportunities as well as to support the mental health and well-being of all students and employees |

| 10-HE-3:  Provide safe and orderly schools |

| 10-HE-4:  Leverage resources to systematically improve and enhance organizational operations |