Student Readiness Prepare students for their future through an engaging and enduring education.

Outcome 1-SR

Implement a detailed vision of high quality and engaging instruction. (1–3 years)


| 1-SR-1:  Implement engaging and innovative instructional practices |

| 1-SR-2:  Purposefully integrate technology to support instructional practices |

Outcome 2-SR

Ensure every student has access and opportunity to meet or exceed their growth expectations in reading and math. (2–4 years)


2-SR-1:  Implement Multi-Tiered System of Support to Include Evidence-Based Strategies at Building Level (refer to 8-HE)

Outcome 3-SR

Stakeholders will understand and participate in comprehensive and seamless transition experiences. (1–3 years)


3-SR-1:  Create comprehensive processes, experiences, and supports at all transition periods PreK-12

Outcome 4-SR

Align curriculum and opportunities Pre-K–12 to build capacity to collaborate with every student and parent on aligning goals for post-secondary readiness. (3–5 years)


| 4-SR-1:  Enhance capacity for participation in electives and extracurricular opportunities |

| 4-SR-2:  Develop clear pathways to post-secondary readiness for all students |