Set your notification preferences and manage the devices on your account within the free app.

To change how you receive your Remind messages you will want to go to your account settings. If you get a new phone number make sure you call your students school and let them know about the new number.

Remind Help Center article - How do I change my notification preferences?

Remind works best when . . .
  1. You use the free app.
  2. One account per person with only one phone number (multiple accounts and/or same phone number on multiple accounts - break things)!
  3. You are the only one who can change your notification preferences.
Good to know . . .
  • Accounts are created automatically with your contact information in Infinite Campus

  • Students-your username is your student email from your Microsoft Office account.

  • Parents - your username is your phone number or email you provide during online registration in Infinite Campus.

  • Remind works best when you only have one account and only one phone number per account. (you cannot share a phone number between two Remind accounts)

  • If you have (or ever had, Remind does not delete old accounts) created a free account with Remind, the free account will need to be merged with the account created for you by LCSD1.

  • LCSD1 is set up as a private district, this means you cannot search for our schools and classes.

  • If you wish to leave a school you will need to contact the Service Desk to put in a request - Technology Support  Service Desk

Merge multiple Remind accounts for Parents/Guardians and Students

Make sure you are logged into your district Remind account that was created for you automatically by LCSD1. If you need to go through the password reset steps above to make sure your are in the correct account.

Once you are logged into your district Remind account proceed to merge accounts:

  1. Click your name in the upper left corner and then click on Account settings.

  2. Select the Notification Preferences option on the new menu.

  3. Below your Notification preferences you will see a button to select - + Add device.

  4. Proceed with the confirmation process to add a phone number or email. You can also send a text to a phone number a link to download the free app.

  5. Confirm your new device by entering the 4-digit confirmation code that was sent to your device.

  6. If the phone number or email you are adding is associated with an existing Remind account, you will be prompted to merge the accounts.

  7. Review the information that was found for the existing account. If it is your account, select That's also my account, and then click Submit.

  8. On the next screen, click Merge accounts to combine your duplicate accounts.

  9. You will receive a confirmation email and/or text message when the merge is complete.

For more information and instructions to do a merge through the app visit - Merge duplicate accounts in Remind.

Password Reset for Parents/Guardians and Students

To reset your password and get you connected to your account created for you by LCSD1.

We recommend using a computer – open your browser of choice. Then open a private browsing window - private window for your browser.

In the Private Window you will want to go through the forgot password steps below:

  • Go to the Remind website.

  • Select Log in.

  • Select Forgot? that is inside the password block.

  • For Students – your username is your student email address (

  • For Parents – your username is the email or cell phone number that you provided (or

    updated) during your online registration in Infinite Campus.

Complete the reset password steps.

Remind Help Center article on - How to reset your Remind Password.

If using a phone – you may need to delete the app and reinstall it in order to get the forgot password option.