Family Engagement Facilitators
map with location of the peeps center on it

Laura Fowler & Hope Person PEEPS Center location 2811 House Ave. Door#4 (North side of Storey Gym building) Laura work cell 307-275-4394 and office # 307-771-2100 x10145 Hope work cell 307-275-1505 and office # 307-771-2100 x10140

Family Resource Center  Welcoming and Private Space for meetings and LCSD1 family groups  Family Class Offerings with space for kids to play and childcare  Free Internet Access and Computers  Access to District Resources and support services, including our team  Educational and Social Opportunities
Why get involved?

Research shows that parental support is more important to school success than a student’s IQ, economic status or school setting. Parents influence everything from their child’s reading level to test scores. The benefits of parent involvement include: • Higher grades and test scores • Better behavior and more positive attitudes • Higher graduation rates • Better attendance at school • More homework completed • Reduced placement in special education • Greater enrollment in postsecondary education