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Family Engagement Facilitators
Family Engagement Facilitators
Laura Fowler & Nicole George
PEEPS Center location
2811 House Ave. Door#4 (North side of Storey Gym building)
We know all parents have dreams for their children and want the best for them. We also know parenting can be really challenging . . . .
The quickest way to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable. *Lane Olinghouse

Friend: What’s Parenting Like?
Me: You know all the side effects they list on prescription drug commercials? It’s like that. * Difficult Mommy

Every time I say “no”, my kid hears, ‘ask again, she didn’t understand the question’. *Housewife Plus

It’s like no one in my family appreciates that I stayed up all night overthinking for them. *Mom

Being a parent is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how!
*Lenny Lemons

That is why we are here to help in whatever way we can. If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can!
  • Thank you!
    Thank you!
    PEEPS would like to thank Eiron Wilson at Element Church for their generous contributions to help our families in need.
  • Thank You!
    Thank You!
    PEEPS are so grateful to the Taco John's Team for their awesome sponsorship to help our families in need

Family Engagement Center Information

4 months ago

Our Team

Our dedicated Parent Engagement and Educational Partnership with Schools (PEEPS) team works daily to bring families, educators, and community partners together to support academic success and the healthy development of all students. We do this by building relationships and identifying opportunities to connect and inspire families as partners.

In Laramie County School District 1, All Are Welcome

Every effort is made to create an inclusive environment that welcomes people from every race, gender, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic, status, ability level, ability status, sexual orientation, and immigration status. LCSD1 families speak 29 different languages. 

To further our commitment to equity, LCSD1 opened a Community Welcome Center Fall 2019.  This Center was created to provide a comfortable and accessible space for families to engage with district staff and to receive services in support of themselves and their children. 

What We Do

We are committed to supporting our families throughout their journey in LCSD1. From the time of new student registration through graduation, the PEEPS team is here to help you navigate a successful school experience. Our team can help with the following: 

·       Completing school forms and applications (including the Free and Reduced Application)

·       Connecting family to resources. Families and community members are invited to the center to learn about what is available at LCSD1 and throughout Laramie County.  From after-school activities to housing and food pantries, we will connect families with the resources they need!

·       Family classes and workshops.  Throughout the school year, PEEPS team coordinates several classes and workshops open to all LCSD1 families. Classes may be offered in neighborhood schools or at the Center. 


Fall, winter and spring sessions run approximately six weeks and are offered at no cost to families. Childcare and meals are offered for some sessions. 


Additionally, PEEPS offer a variety of presentations by community organizations on specific topics.

Engaged Families Build Community
Raising the next generation is a shared responsibility. When families, communities and schools work together, students are more successful and the entire community benefits.

The Family Engagement Facilitators are dedicated to strengthening the voice of families, by bringing focus to the needs of students so as to allow every student to reach their full potential.

Family Engagement Facilitators at LCSD1 offer support and skills to parents and guardians through parent education, resource locating, and partnering with schools, to maximize success with our students.

Family Engagement Facilitators adhere to all applicable laws and ethics regarding client confidentiality.
Why get involved?
Research shows that parental support is more important to school success than a student’s IQ, economic status or school setting. Parents influence everything from their child’s reading level to test scores. The benefits of parent involvement include:
• Higher grades and test scores
• Better behavior and more positive attitudes
• Higher graduation rates
• Better attendance at school
• More homework completed
• Reduced placement in special education
• Greater enrollment in postsecondary education