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LCSD1 Graduation Requirements

LCSD1 Graduation Requirements

All LCSD1 efforts are directed systemically to ensure we meet the goals of our strategic plan. These goals state students will achieve academic success, graduate from high school, be college and career ready and be responsible citizens. In order to keep students on track for graduation, LCSD1 notifies those who have a deficiency so they can correct it with options such as summer school, extended-day, correspondence courses, credit recovery labs and the Partnership Diploma Program, enabling them to graduate with their class.

Credits and Graduation

Students shall be enrolled in school full time for a minimum of eight semesters in grades nine through 12. Full time shall be defined as being enrolled in at least eight classes. Exceptions can be made through petition to the principal.

High school graduation for current elementary students will require a minimum of 27 credits (Carnegie units) for grades nine through 12 and demonstration of proficiency in the nine content areas: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education, world language, career/vocational education and fine/performing arts.

Students taking high-school equivalent courses at the junior high level may earn high school credit for the course. The grade earned in these courses will become part of the student’s grade point average (GPA) and will be on his/her high school transcript.

Carnegie unit credit shall be awarded when a student receives a passing grade of “D” or better for any particular class. Students may repeat a course providing space is available and may have the original grade replaced when calculating the grade point average. Students will not receive dual credit for repeating the same course unless it is approved prior to enrollment by the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and it is noted in the registration booklet.

Graduation Requirements

  • Four credits in English
  • Three credits in science
  • Four credits in mathematics
  • Three credits in social studies (must consist of one credit in U.S. history, one credit in U.S. government and one credit in world history or world geography)
  • One credit in physical education (ROTC may be taken in place of the physical education requirement; however it will not meet the proficiency.)
  • One credit in health education
  • Remaining 11 credits in elective subjects

Satisfactory completion of the 27 Carnegie unit credits required in grades nine through 12

  • Students taking high-school-equivalent courses in math and world language may earn high school credit prior to ninth grade.

Promotion, Retention, Acceleration

Promotion to successive elementary grades, kindergarten through six, shall be determined based on the student’s demonstration of proficiency on district standards in language arts and mathematics for his/her respective grade level. Physical, social/emotional implications and other factors which may be determined relevant to the individual student shall be considered.

Students failing to demonstrate proficiency on district language arts or mathematics standards must avail themselves of all recommended remediation/steps in the pyramid of interventions and/or extended learning opportunities in order to be considered for promotion to the next grade.

Appeals to the decision to retain a student shall be handled in accordance with procedures established in administrative regulation.

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