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District Harassment & Reporting Disclosure Statement

LCSD1 is committed to providing a balanced and fair process to resolve complaints of harassment, sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying, and other forms of violence so that everyone – alleged target, alleged aggressor, and the entire school community – is granted the right to a safe environment, free from discrimination.

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination which violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. LCSD1 prohibits any form of sexual harassment and discrimination of students, employees and others at school.

Sexual harassment may include incidents that occur between two or more students, as well as incidents that occur between a student(s) and members of the school district community. The school district community consists of school district employees, contracted personnel, and other persons invited into the school environment by school district employees.

All persons, whether student, parent or school staff, are encouraged to immediately report incidents of harassment, sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying, or other forms of violence to the building principal, the District Title IX Coordinator if student related 307-771-2188, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 307-771-2160, or the District Violence Prevention Facilitator 307-771-2204.

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