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Parent Advisory Committee

Parent Advisory Committee

The purpose of the LCSD1 Parent Advisory Committee is to:

  1. Bring together parents of elementary, junior high, and high school students from throughout the District.
  2. Share information about the District's work and efforts to improve.  This information includes data on student achievement, student and staff safety, and efficient and effective use of resources.
  3. Invite input and feedback from parents on how we might work together to make our good school District even better.

It is the policy of the LCSD#1 Board of Trustees that parent involvement be encouraged and promoted throughout the organization. The committee normally meets the first Wednesday of every month from September through May at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room at Storey Gymnasium.

For more information about the Parent Advisory Committee, please contact Amanda Ramsey at 307-771-2115 or contact your school principal.

Agenda and Minutes

Please CLICK HERE to view documents of the LCSD1 Parent Advisory Committee including meeting agendas, meeting minutes and other important information.




In accordance with Chapter 9, Section 16, of the Laramie County School District Number One Board of Trustees Policy, parent involvement will be encouraged and promoted throughout the organization. The Board of Trustees established the District Parent Advisory Committee to act as a conduit to and advise the Board of Trustees regarding the concerns and opinions of as many of the parents as possible and make recommendations, based on that information, to the Board on issues of concern.  The parents serving on the Committee should act as a bi-directional conduit of information between the parents of the schools they represent and the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees.


The Committee shall meet once a month during the school year at a time and place agreed upon by the members.  The Superintendent or his designee will attend all meetings.


The principal of each elementary school shall appoint one parent as a voting member of the Committee.  The principal of each secondary school shall appoint two parents as voting members of the Committee.  Each principal shall also appoint a parent as an alternate for each school.  The alternates are encouraged to attend all meetings and vote in the absence of the primary appointee.  Parents who are recognized as voting members at the end of the school year are automatically accorded voting member status upon continuing attendance the next school year.


Any voting member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings or to arrange representation by the appointed alternate, is no longer a voting member.  The Superintendent shall request that the principal appoint the alternate to serve out the term or appoint another parent to the Committee.


To allow members the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the committee, elections for Chairman and Vice Chairman will take place at the second meeting of each school year.

The Committee may establish subcommittees to research and study specific issues and to report back to the Committee.  Members of subcommittees must be appointed from the voting membership of the District Parent Advisory Committee.  Upon receiving a report from a subcommittee the Committee may make a motion and upon passage forward its recommendation directly to the Board of Trustees.  Subcommittees are formed solely for the purpose of research and study of specific issues and will be dissolved following their report back to the Committee.  There will be no standing subcommittees.

The Committee shall conduct its meetings in accordance with the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.  It shall submit recommendations directly to the Board of Trustees only from motions passed by a majority of the qualified members present voting on the motion.

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