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LCSD1 Research Approval Process and Forms

Research Studies in LCSD1

The district recognizes the value of participation in educational research. Studies using observation, surveys, and experimentation can aid in the improvement of the instructional program in the school system as well as growth in the profession and growth for individual teachers and researchers.

At the same time, the district recognizes that the amount of time available for student learning is limited and must be handled carefully. It is, therefore, important that only those research studies which are of the greatest value to the district should be allowed to be conducted in the school system.

General guidelines for access to LCSD1 students, staff and/or parents for research purposes

  • All research requests, other than action research, to use students, student data, faculty or staff of LCSD1 are to be in written form and submitted to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.
  • LCSD1 must recognize a value to participating in proposed research. LCSD1 expects to be furnished with a copy of any final reports or relevant findings.
  • The proposed research should not intrude, or only minimally intrude, upon instructional time, or disrupt the educational process.
  • LCSD1 will not act on behalf of the researcher in regard to participant solicitation or recruitment, survey dissemination or administration, nor will LCSD1 provide email addresses or other contact information of staff, students, or parents.
  • Action research does not require district approval. Instead permission to conduct action research should be sought from the Principal of the school in which it will be conducted. Action research is defined as “… a form of investigation designed for use by teachers to attempt to solve problems and improve professional practices in their own classrooms. It involves systematic observations and data collection which can be then used by the practitioner-researcher in reflection, decision making and the development of more effective classroom strategies.” (Parsons and Brown, 2002).
  • Researchers may contact individual principals, teachers, staff, etc. about research planning or coordination prior to receiving district permission. If you have preferences about where or with whom you want to work, please state this in your proposal.
  • Initial LCSD1 review may take place prior to IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval, however, final LCSD1 approval will occur only after review by an IRB.
  • Requests must be complete. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed. Key elements of a complete request include a completed online Research Request Approval Form, abstract of the research study, including research questions and hypotheses, procedures, data to be collected, and timeline for the study, and appropriate consent/assent materials. Include any questionnaires, test forms, interview and observation protocols, and other instruments to be used. Evidence of IRB action must occur prior to final LCSD1 approval.
  • The district will attempt to notify the researcher of approval or denial within 2 weeks of receiving a completed request.

If you are interested in submitting a research request, please send an email to Trevor Swarm, LCSD1 Program Administrator, at

You will be sent a Research Request Approval Form. Please complete the form and submit it along with the following 3 documents, preferably in a single PDF file:

  1. IRB approval letter (Copy of letter sent to you from IRB, approving your research)
  2. Instruments (questionnaires, observation or interview protocols, tests, etc.) (if applicable)
  3. Consent forms (if required)

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