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Cybersecurity Awareness

Tips for Online Safety

Ask your kids to think about who they want to see pictures/info online.

Should complete strangers see it? Real friends only? Friends of friends?

Know the sites your kids visit and their online activities

Ask where they're going, what they're doing and who they're doing it with.

Stick with your real friends

Connecting with friends online can be a lot of fun—but when you don’t know someone in the real world, you can’t be sure who they are.

Consider if what you post is appropriate

Posting a picture only takes a second but the consequences could last a lifetime with social media.

Don’t open files or click on links sent by strangers

Opening an email or a file from someone you don't know could expose your device to spyware or a virus that could get your personal info.

Sexting - Don't Do It

People who create, forward, or even save sexually explicit photos, videos, or messages are putting their friendships and reputations at risk. Worse yet, they could be breaking the law.

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