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LCSD1 student registration for the 2017-18 year is underway. Families must bring proof of address verification to their child’s school. Acceptable forms of verification include light/gas bills and lease agreements. Water, cable and phone bills will not be accepted.

Returning Families

If you have not completed the online registration process and/or address verification, do so as soon as possible in order to retain your student(s) placement in their school(s).

Registration for returning students is conducted online in the Campus Portal.

Please click this link for PRINTABLE INSTRUCTIONS about the registration process.

Please click on this link to BEGIN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS ONLINE in the Campus Portal.

Incoming Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten registration is conducted IN PERSON at your child's school.

Please click this link to FIND YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL.

Please click this list for IMPORTANT RESOURCES for families of new kindergarten students.

Title I Pre-K Students

Title-I Pre-Kindergarten registration is conducted IN PERSON.

Please click this link for more information about LCSD1 Title I Pre-Kindergarten.

New Families

New families to the district register IN PERSON at their child's school.

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