LCSD1 - English Language Arts - Media Center Services

LCSD1 Media Center Services encompass the district’s 27 elementary, 3 junior high, and 4 high school media centers. The district’s book collection is comprised of over 330,000 titles district-wide. Our district employs 7 certified librarians at the secondary level to support junior high and high school libraries. Additionally, we have a certified media specialist at the elementary level to support the 27 para media specialist at the elementary schools.

Our Media Centers are incredible resources for students, staff, and families. Our large collection represents interests and genres of all kinds to meet the needs of the many backgrounds in our district. Books in our media centers are selected based on student age for that school and are meant to captivate learners and foster a love of reading!

Our media centers also serve as hubs for research and media services. They are places where students learn to conduct research and seek critical information for their academic papers, presentations, and exams. They support a variety of academic programs within the school buildings and support students’ access to technology.

Our media specialist and the ELA Office invite you to become a part of your student’s media center experience and are here to support you!

Michelle Ottoes - Elementary Media Specialist TOSA

Kami Whitlock - Triumph HS Media Specialist

Melissa Sibe - Central HS Media Specialist

Lindsay Bugas - McCormick JHS Media Specialist

Sarah Horen - South HS Media Specialist

Meghan Baker - Johnson JHS Media Specialist

Maura Hadaway - East HS Media Specialist

Jeanne Tucker - Carey JHS Media Specialist