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Group photo of the LCSD1 Board of Trustees

Meet Our Trustees

Standing (L to R):

Trustee Nate Breen

Assistant Clerk Sandy Shanor

Vice Chair Tim Bolin

Seated (L to R):

Clerk Mark Klaassen

Chair Lynn Storey-Huylar

Assistant Treasurer Jim Landen

Treasurer Marguerite Herman

Board Meetings

Regular business meetings of the LCSD1 Board of Trustees are held on the first and third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Board Room in Storey Gym located at 2811 House Avenue in Cheyenne. Please click here for meeting agendas and minutes in Board Docs.

Contact Us

Mailing address: LCSD1 Board of Trustees, 2810 House Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001

Lynn Storey-Huylar - or 307-778-3151
Tim Bolin - or 307-634-9300
Mark Klaassen - or 307-514-0395
Sandy Shanor - or 307-634-9412
Marguerite Herman - or 307-638-1468
Jim Landen - or 307-632-8036
Nate Breen - or 307-778-7652

Annual Report

Although the headlines seem grim regarding school funding we need to stay hopeful towards a bright future for our students!

One just needs to open the local paper and see that, “Education funding faces a shortfall of $400 million a year in the next budget cycle.” Many parents, teachers and local board trustees are rightly concerned how this will affect local districts. Questions arise regarding class size increases, halting of building new schools, overcrowding issues, cuts in programs and cuts to the teacher force. While the forecast looks bleak, the choice is ours how we will handle the upcoming crisis.

I see three keys to success going forward in this time of uncertainty.

First, get everyone on the same page. The first step in creating a successful plan is getting everyone involved to understand the complexities of the problem and how the bigger issue affects us at the local district level. This might take small group meetings or community forums but everyone needs a voice and an understanding.  Secondly, engaging affected groups early in the process. Gaining insights and gauging community/affected group’s preferences as early as possible is vital. School districts that engage early in the planning process have a much greater chance at building a successful and community supported plan. We can’t wait until it rains to start building the boat. Lastly, be a collaborative leader. We at LCSD1 need to become a leader in educating our legislative governing body on strategies and potential pitfalls to deep cuts. We are one of the largest districts in the state and have more students enrolled than the University of Wyoming. Our voice needs to and should be heard. 

While we may concern ourselves with the problems, we must not forget what we can do that can and will have an impact on student success today. Many of these require no dollars to administer but have far-reaching implications. We need to demonstrate genuine care, concern and fondness for students. Teachers can develop and nurture healthy, productive and cooperative relationships with colleagues. At the district level, we can communicate regularly and clearly with parents and community stakeholders. We should always demand quality—high expectations for our students, staff and district that will yield high achievement. We need to create and cultivate a districtwide “Learning Community” and encourage innovative thinking and problem solving to grow the mind. Lastly, we need to establish community and regional partnerships to tap into unexplored resources and ideas for solutions. 

While dollars are necessary to run the day-to-day operations of the district, there are countless things we can do that don’t cost us anything to make this district the best it can be. 

While this annual report is a backward looking snapshot, it is my hope that as we move forward, we continue to follow the advice of Henry Ford—“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Lynn Storey-Huylar


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