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Purchase Surplus Items

Surplus Items

LCSD1 holds surplus furniture and equipment sales periodically for the purpose of disposing of items that are either no longer functional or are no longer needed by the various schools and departments. It is our policy to make these items available to the public before any other form of disposal is considered. Sales will be conducted at different times during the year when the volume of items warrants it. Interested parties may watch for sale notices in the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle legal notices, Trader's want ads, and this site for information on future sales. Any current offers are posted here.


The book disposal area is located at LCSD1 Warehouse Services, 316 S. Lexington Ave. in Cheyenne.  The warehouse is open school days and throughout the summer Monday-Friday from 7am to 3pm. Home schoolers, churches and other schools as well as the general public are invited to visit the warehouse and look through some of the available books. Books may be taken home at no charge. Book brokers interested in purchasing used or outdated LCSD1 textbooks from may contact LCSD1 Materials Management at 307-771-2618.

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