English Language Arts

In LCSD1, English Language Arts focuses on reading, writing, phonics, speaking, listening and research skills for students. Instruction in these areas prepares students to read critically, write thoughtfully, listen attentively, and speak productively.

Using a number of research-based programs, tools and instructional approaches, our teachers provide students with an exceptional education in English Language Arts. Students in PreK-3 will receive research-based foundational skill instruction in reading, writing, phonics, phonemic awareness and early reading skills. As students get older and skillsets grow, they will apply this learning to complex word work, vocabulary acquisition, and writing structure. Students will read and analyze many different types of text including informational, fictional, contemporary, classic, and multimedia resources.

Students will have award-winning and captivating books and novels at their fingertips to practice comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and writing response skills. They will write narrative stories, learn how to conduct oral presentations, learn to research thoroughly, collaborate with peers and synthesize information. LCSD1 students will be immersed in a rich literary environment where they will receive the instruction and skills necessary to be successful in today's world.

Shannon Brooks, Curriculum Coordinator, Elementary English Language Arts and Elementary Library Media, Joseph Evans, Curriculum Coordinaorr, Secondary English Language Arts and Secondary Library Media, Connie Axness, Administrative Assistant, 307-771-2173