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Bus Transportation

LCSD1 Bus Transportation

Bus drivers transport students on a variety of rural and city routes with the majority of resources used from 6–9 a.m. for the morning routes and 2–5 p.m. for afternoon routes. Students are transported during the middle of the day and for late-day activities. Students are also transported for field trips and out-of-town activity trips. All districts throughout Wyoming assist one another in the maintenance of activity buses to support out-of-town activity trips. Most administrators and supervisors throughout the state are available by phone 24/7. Our drivers’ number one priority is safety. New drivers take part in a training program that is one of the best in the tri-state area. This 80-hour comprehensive training package results in each driver obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License with all necessary endorsements. In addition, drivers learn about CPR/first aid, defensive driving, special needs, bullying, student management, and a number of other subjects. Drivers receive an additional 48 hours of in-service training every year. For more information about the LCSD1 Transportation Department, call 307-771-2628.

Here Comes The Bus Information

Here Comes the Bus, HCTB, App sends a notification to the parent/student when the school bus is close to the student’s bus stop and when the bus enters the school’s student drop-off/pick-up zone. With this software, parents will know in real time where the bus is located.

Parent Information Letter

HCTB Instructions

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Website for HCTB

Bus Routes

Please click here for an interactive website that displays bus stop locations, bus numbers, and bus pick up and drop off times based on your home address.

Parent/Student Handbook

Please click here  to download a copy of the LCSD1 Transportation Department Parent/Student Handbook.

Eligibility for Bus Transportation

LCSD1has an attendance boundary for each school. Exceptions may be made if there is a "hazard" in the area.  The LCSD1 Transportation Department maintains a list of the hazard areas.

Wyoming Department of Education policy states the no transportation zone is the area around a school encompassed by a radius of:

  • 2.00 miles for secondary schools
  • 1.00 mile for elementary schools

Transportation information regarding all students should be obtained by calling the appropriate school prior to calling the LCSD1 Transportation Department at 307-771-2628.

Please CLICK HERE for an interactive website that displays bus stop locations, bus numbers, and bus pick up and drop off times in your area.


If there is an infraction of the rules the driver may give the student a misconduct sheet indicating the problem and that sheet will need to be signed by the parent before the student can ride.  If necessary, the parent will be asked to attend a meeting with a LCSD1 Transportation supervisor, driver, and the student's principal to correct the problem.

Please click this link to download a copy of the LCSD1 Transportation Discipline Matrix.

Inclement Weather

LCSD1’s rapid-notification system allows the district to quickly send phone, e-mail and text messages as selected by the parents/guardians. This system will be used in case of emergency and inclement weather situations. For example, parents will be notified of late starts, early releases and emergency closures due to weather or a crisis situation. School is canceled only during unusual circumstances such as extreme weather, facilities or equipment failure, an environmental hazard or a public crisis that causes a significant safety risk.

Do not call the school! LCSD1’s system, along with all local radio and TV stations will provide the most current information to parents and the community on weather or emergency situations. It is imperative that all district lines are open for vital communications.
Emergency Closure Forms are included as part of your student’s electronic registration process. Changes to the information should be submitted promptly to your child(ren)’s school office(s). Up-to-date information is vital in the event of an emergency closure. Please discuss with your child(ren) the process to follow in case of early dismissal.

Inclement Weather Boundaries

Sometimes the weather can be worse in various parts of the city and outlying areas. When this happens, LCSD1 will run buses in one area but not another. When this occurs a weather boundary will be called under the following parameters:
  • If it is unsafe to run buses in a rural area. Buses that normally run in the area would not run beyond the designated boundary for both morning and afternoon routes.
  • If weather conditions in rural areas warrant a bus cancellation, notification system will be used to inform parents of a particular bus route affected by the cancellation. The rapid notification system will also be used in the event there is a district-wide school closure. Parents should still tune into the local media or check the district website: for cancellations. If a route will be late 15 minutes or more the rapid notification system will be used to inform parents.
  • Boundary areas coincide with the high school your elementary school feeds into.
  • LCSD1 does not bus outside the described boundary during bad weather, even when school is in session. Rural buses do not run. Parents living outside of the boundary areas who decide to take their children to school during these conditions, will be responsible for picking up their children in the afternoon, regardless of the weather conditions. (See School Maps and Boundaries)

Emergency Closing/Early Release

Whenever possible, school closure announcements will be made the evening before via notification system and on all 10 p.m. TV and radio broadcasts. If it is not possible, an announcement will be made by 5:30 a.m. If school is closed during the day due to a snowstorm, it is determined that all students have satisfactory transportation. Parent instructions from each student’s emergency closure form are followed.

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