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LCSD1 Board of Trustees has a new website - click here to be directed to the new website.

Group photo of the LCSD1 board of trustees.

LCSD1 Board of Trustees

Marguerite Herman, Chair

Rose Ann Million Rinne, Vice Chair

Lynn Storey-Huylar, Clerk

Christy Klaassen, Assistant Clerk

Rich Wiederspahn, Treasurer

Tim Bolin, Assistant Treasurer

Nate Breen, Trustee


Contact Us

Mailing address: LCSD1 Board of Trustees, 2810 House Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001

Marguerite Herman - or 307-638-1468
Tim Bolin - or 307-634-9300
Nate or 307-778-7652
Christy Klaassen - or 307-514-0395
Lynn Storey-Huylar - or 307-778-3151
Rich Wiederspahn - or 307-421-6189
Rose Ann Million Rinne - or 307-920-3544
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